wildflowers workshop. round top, tx.

July 24, 2012


Starting off, I can not begin to describe my excitement in sharing these photographs. In December of last year, I decided to take a leap of faith and booked a flight to Texas to attend my first photography workshop held by the ever so talented Joy Prouty from Wildflowers Photography. I had been following and admiring Joy’s work for quite some time so I sent an email at 2 am and crossed my fingers. As the months passed and May came closer and Texas became a reality, I felt nervous and began having some doubts. I flew out to Austin to spend a full day there alone ( a MUST see city BTW, Austin, I love you) before heading out to the beautiful country. I met up with one of the gals in Austin and drove out to the prairie. Not just any prairie, to be clear. Rachel Ashwell’s Prairie. SWOON. Ok, all self doubt and anxiety was fleeting. With big blue Texas skies, a group of girls eager to shoot and learn, a bucket o’ welcome beers and the most adorably decorated ranch houses, I was ready to start this dream of a journey.
The days were spent shooting in the most golden light, asking questions, taking notes, learning our cameras, eating pie, sharing stories, laughing with wine, antiquing, and spilling our guts about why we love what we do and why. Our fears as women in this competitive business, frustrations and loss of hope. I grew close to these ladies in the short days, and felt overwhelmed with emotion with each step I took in fields of wildflowers.
Inspired is not the word. Have you ever felt so incredibly lucky? It’s funny how a few days in our country’s heartland with my camera and my bursting passion to photograph this life made me come home with big plans. Brand new eyes. A grateful outlook. A happiness that can only transcend through photographs. Thank you Joy. I will never forget Texas.

“clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

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