toni + ryan.

October 31, 2013


Toni + Ryan’s Proposal story-

Toni says- After being together for 8 years, Ryan and I finally decided to take a fun trip together (we hadnt been off the east coast ever together!) so we head out to Laguna Beach, California with my best friend Chelsea and her husband Joe. After our first day at the beach, we all got ready to head out for drinks and watch the beautiful sunset on the rooftop of La Casa Del Camino. After Ryan finally and frantically got us a seat on the edge of the roof closest to the beach, we decided to take a quick picture just as the sun was setting. After the photo was taken, I went to grab a sip of my drink and that was the moment when Ryan got down on one knee and surprised me with the proposal! There were people all around us watching and I was VERY surprised! It could not have been more perfect or romantic! Champagne was sent over right away and was flowing the rest of the night as we called our families to tell them the good news!

I always love to ask my brides why they chose their venues, especially when they are unique and not the typical banquet hall. When Toni told me she was having her wedding in a barn, I knew we were a good fit! Here is what she said-

I chose Perona Farms because it gave be the perfect amount of rustic while still being close to home! While looking for the perfect venue I kept harping on the venue being “different” and something that would be memorable to our guests. Perona Farms had hosted other events in the past that Ryan’s family has attended through the years so we knew they were reliable and had great food! When we discovered they were restoring their barn we knew it was the place. We took a risk of it being what we envisioned as well as completed by our wedding date! Luckily everything ended up being perfect! It was the perfect amount of rustic while still being a classy.


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