t u l u m.

April 28, 2016


There is a special place in my heart for this tiny strip of beach + jungle. With this being my 6th (!!!) trip to Mexico, 4th to Tulum, I clearly can not stay away from this magical paradise. My parents first visited about 9 years ago and came back with a refreshed + new view on life and urged me to go. Sold!

The last time we were here, I was about 6 months pregnant, dreaming of the day I would get to meet my babe (and drooling over the cocktails I couldn’t consume, obviously). I remember patting my big ol’ belly by the ocean, feeling like it would be forever until this kid would be earth side. And as quickly as that trip came and went, so did this one, with our now daughter in tow. Life moves so quickly, it’s hard to believe she was there with us, playing by that same ocean.

We ate our weight in fish tacos + ceviche (Cas loved it!) and got our fill of Tulum’s beauty (and Mezcal). Naturally, I took one MILLION photos of her because I’m certain there is nothing cuter than a baby at the beach. Well, maybe a naked baby at the beach. Her hair curled right up as soon as we landed and I immediately knew she was doomed with my frizzy locks. But those curls! Those curls. I die.

I hope to always come back here, a tradition I feel like Castella will look back fondly on, and maybe even take her babes too. But before I start crying- here are some frames from our trip. Warning- sandy baby bums ahead.


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