marisa + chris.

June 11, 2013


How I love shooting couples like this! Chris and Marisa met in High School, their mutual love for art, music, and Chris Farley was enough to capture one another’s attention.

As they moved into their college years, the realization of their youth and inexperience began to scare them. Being realists and free spirits, they did not want to tie each other down at such a young age. Though they remained close friends, they allowed each other the freedom to explore all the love that life had to offer, figuring that, if their love was “meant to be”, they would find their way back to each other. 19 years later they did indeed!

Today, they enjoy hiking in the woods together, discovering new music, stretching a joke to it’s limits, travel and lounging at home.

What she loves most about Chris: In the 19 years that I have known Chris, I can say with amazement that the guy has never once judged me even when he easily could have. I know that he actually loves my flaws and I highly value that he challenges me. I love his mind, his music, writing, ability to listen and the fact that he LOVED “the Goonies” as a kid and was equally disturbed by “Howard the Duck.”

What Chris loves about Marisa: I love her passion for life and her devotion to her students. I knew she had a pure heart when I caught her crying during Harry Potter. I also love the way she makes fun of people in the most devastatingly clever ways.

Chris proposed last summer in Hawaii. While hiking in a bamboo forrest, they came across an abandoned swing attached to a tree, he helped her get on it, as she says she was too short to lift herself. Having no where to run, he presented her with the ring.

Shawn and I loved capturing your day. I know you both will enjoy many years together as best of friends.

From one LOST nerd to another, cheers!

Grounds For Sculpture. Hamilton, NJ.

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