m a i n e.

March 10, 2017


I am in love with Ocean
lifting her thousands of white hats
in the chop of the storm,
or lying smooth and blue, the
loveliest bed in the world. – Mary Oliver

Maine became high on our list on places to visit in the summer. I had been in the fall around 7 years ago but felt it was always too far of a drive to head there with a toddler. My search for a little seaside getaway kept leading me back to Maine. With our experiences traveling with Castella thus far, we thought we could do it if we broke up the drive with a few spots along the coast.

Portland showed us it’s adorable appeal with hip coffee shops, cobblestone streets, delicious food and fishing wharves. We stopped at the moody Portland Head Light, consumed our first lobster roll of the trip and settled our tired bones into a 200 year old farmhouse right outside of the city. The next day we headed up the coast to charming Camden to visit friends + spend the day playing tourists. Fresh lobsters on the beach, easy conversation, an icy dip in the bay with inspiring new friends was just what we needed.

Onward to Acadia. We stayed at a working farm about 45 min from the national park, chocked full of everything our family loves. Chickens, roaming cats, bountiful vegetables growing at our feet, wildflowers that grew over our heads. The tiny cabin was set back in the middle of the farm, where we took outdoor showers and cooked fresh eggs on the grill outside. Castella took full advantage of all of the animals, chasing cats and turkeys with each step. The family who ran the farm allowed us to venture into their greenhouse, pick their wild blueberries and take a tour of the barn. It was definitely a highlight for us.

We were greeted in Acadia by our close friends (who are our neighbors in Long Branch!) who happened to be camping there at the same time as our trip. Clearly hikes and adventures were in order. An outing including tide pools in search of star fish (which we never did see), some shy, hidden crabs + wide open spaces. The views along the rocks (and a sleeping toddler in a backpack) were spectacular.

Heading home, we drove down the coast which was my favorite part of the trip. Sleepy fishing towns, the best lobster roll I ever had and beautiful stretches of wildflowers every road you turn. I could not have loved Maine more. There was so much pretty to see, and those soft stoned overcast beaches are something I can never tire of. The quiet, the saltiness, the fishermen, the abundance of greenery, the mountains and the sea are what will bring us back here year after year. These are the memories that I’ll cling to.

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