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September 6, 2013


Beach Haven is special to this couple because, despite the odds, it is where they (a boy from the English countryside and a girl who grew up in NJ but was only living on LBI between residences in MD and NY) met. They met at The Marlin in Beach Haven Labor Day weekend 2007 when they were both there soaking up the last hours of summer with their respective friends. Two of those respective friends started dancing, which prompted them to start talking (who initiated the convo is still hotly contested 6 years later) and the rest, as they say, is history.
Since their meeting there, they have spent countless days enjoying all LBI has to offer. They both grew up vacationing at the Shore (or the Seaside, in Chris’s case) and are both still beach bums. They love spending their days on the beach, swimming in the ocean, shopping in the cute little shops, having massive barbecues of meat and fresh fish, crabbing on the bay, eating ice cream, playing on the “teddy grabbers” in Fantasy Island and enjoying the company of their family and friends. LBI will always have a special place in their hearts (and in mine!) and they look forward to many more years of memory making there. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in October.

From Kayleigh-

We got engaged in December 2012 while gazing at the Northern Lights in Iceland. (Yes, seriously!) We booked a short trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, a top “bucket list” item, in honor of Chris’s 30th birthday. Little did I know, Chris arranged for a private tour/photographer to take us out of Reykjavik that night to hunt for the lights (I thought it was “so lucky” that “no one else signed up for our tour”). We found the lights and they were beyond our highest expectations. After watching the lights for several hours, our trusty tour guide, Stefan, asked if he could take our picture for his Facebook page. Seemed like a reasonable request to me, so of course we said yes. Stefan took one photo but didn’t like the result so asked us to take another. As he pressed the shutter a second time, I felt Chris’s hand leave my back and found him next to me down on one knee asking me to marry him. I immediately screamed “YES” followed by jumping, yelling and crying while Chris stayed dutifully down on one knee so we would have the perfect proposal photograph. As we drove back into Reykjavik, Chris debrief me on all of the behind the scenes details I was oblivious to, including the fact that I had carried my ring around in his camera bag for the entire day prior to the proposal. It was truly magical!

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