jessica + glenn.

September 1, 2013


This stunning Martha’s vineyard wedding is what I dream of. Jess and I met in a tiny diner on 5th ave to discuss all of the details for her big day, amongst our aspirations to live on farms and breathe in fresh air. I was so excited because we had similar visions and tastes and I knew we were a perfect fit. This radiant couple had Shawn and I head over heels in love with them towards the end of the night. From their hilarious escort cards (a silly Polaroid of each guest) to their bottle of Jameson and carafe of pickle juice on each table to their beautiful wildflowers in tins, I was in my heaven. We loved how there were so many personal touches that meant so much to them as a couple. It makes me really adore and appreciate what I’m shooting, and I also really get to know my bride & groom. Even with the rain, Jessica and her vintage lace dress were jaw dropping. Their guests danced under the stars and enjoyed a traditional New England lobster bake. Perfection.

From the bride-

Glenn proposed on the day we baptized Hays. We had a small group of family and friends in to share the day. At the party afterwards he shocked me by getting down on one knee. I wasn’t expecting it. Furthermore when he opened the box I saw that the ring was from a designer in London I had fallen in love with years ago. As a single girl on a vacation in London, I went to the Malcolm Betts flagship store and tried on rings with the designer. I picked out my favorite and saved the id # on a business card. 6 years later I am staring at the ring on my hand. I later found out that Glenn found the card, contacted Malcolm, the ring had sold, and they recreated it from scratch. It was so thoughtful and special.

I love Glenn for his ridiculous sense of humor. He is always the life of the party, everyone’s best friend and the guy you can always count on. I love what an amazing dad he is. So hands on and a bit of a worry wart, he allows me to be the laid back hippie mama I always thought I would be. I love that Glenn fits in at a black tie affair or the local dive bar. He works in real estate and is a bit of an architectural nerd which I think is so sexy. He’s confident and charming. And I love that I was his exception to everything.

We have our bulldog Tyson. We love to snuggle in bed just the 4 of us. We love to travel together, attend concerts and music festivals, wine & whiskey, explore whether on a golf cart, hiking, surfing, biking, etc. we live in NYC and have for many years. We try to enjoy all the city has to offer. We take our son to concerts at central park or sunset cocktails on the willy wall. We have a set of family bicycles and try and ride everywhere we can. Pizza from Artichoke and bbq’ing on our roof are some of our favorite meals. The Yankees. Oh and football. We live for Sunday football. He’s chargers, I’m giants. Hays is still up for grabs.

What Glenn loves about me- He loves my independence. He loves me most when I am fun and silly like him. he loves that I have a crazy family that I love to pieces. He loves that I drink whiskey with him (pickle backs!). He likes my brain and career successes. He hates the cheesy books I read. He married me because I call him on his stuff and am often overly optimistic. He often says he doesn’t want to imagine a day without me in it. He loves that I keep his uptight side, looser. I make him listen to music in the morning while we make pancakes. And he loves me as a mom.

Cheers to you, Tricky & Red!

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