everyday is like sunday. vol 4.

October 11, 2012

everyday is like sunday

Bonjour! October is brilliant, the leaves are vastly changing and warm essentials are becoming, well essential. Flannels, scarves, wool sweaters, worn leather boots and knitted hats are rummaged from closets, and in our case, packed for our annual camping trip (along with Maude, our little frenchie). We visited magnificent wolves this weekend, flooded our nostrils with crisp woodsy air, warmed our souls with mulled cider, and laughed really, really hard. By the way, wolves may just be one of the most beautiful animals on earth.
Once we returned home, I took my bi-weekly trip to Whole Foods (which is down the street, sadly for our wallets) and made a Columbus day fall feast (or just dinner) starting with a roasted butternut squash + apple soup followed by a whole chicken (a favorite of mine in the fall) with brussels sprouts and parsnips. Shawn and I began to watch Game of Thrones (um, hello addicted) and settled into our campfire smelling clothes on the couch.

I hope all you fine folk had a toasty long weekend.


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