everyday is like sunday. vol 25.

July 19, 2016

everyday is like sunday

and now i’m walking around outside
in the springtime every thing is sprouting green
and i watched this fight occur
but only thought about lovers
oh it’s strange how this world becomes pure.

– tilly and the wall

Oh pretty love, don’t worry.

Spring is here and this is when we get our hands dirty. Growth. New beginnings. Planting our roots. I adore this time of year because of these things. Fresh starts. Blooms. Picnics. Finally feeling the warmth of the sun again, but also experiencing all of the rain storms (preferably from our sun porch). Getting outside. Go outside!

In other news- We finally got our baby chicks! And they are cute, y’all. Stay tuned for more of our journey with backyard chickens.

But for now, peonies. Peonies forever.


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