everyday is like sunday. vol 24.

April 8, 2016

everyday is like sunday

w i n t e r.

It’s been months since I’ve posted so this will be a long one! It’s spring now (April?!!) and I’m scrambling to post about winter. Yeesh. I’m always right on time. Sigh. Time is always flying when I don’t want it to, especially when my infant is now a walking toddler. WHAT. Ok, more on that later. Alas! We had a relatively mild and quick winter, none of which I am complaining about. Our first Christmas as a family of 3, our first snow storms together, traditions (yeah friendsgiving!), cookie making, bread baking, a trip up to Hudson to show Cas where we got married, firepits, warm sweaters and even warmer snuggles with a certain little cheeky babe.

Speaking of that babe- she turned O N E!! How did that even happen? We celebrated her birthday as best as we could, which you can view that post here!

As much celebrating and giving thanks as we did, we also said goodbye to one of our dearest furry family members. My sweet 13 year old german shepherd left us in February, days before Castella turned 1. My heart strongly aches thinking back to that day, but I am so overjoyed that she spent so much time with my girl. She was the most loyal soul I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and deeply loving. A companion who lived for only me, fighting with all her might to protect and love us. I asked a friend if it gets easier and she said it doesn’t, that you just learn to live with the hole in your chest, the spot where they live on in your heart.

I miss her endless amounts.

Hug your loved ones, furry and human, always. Give thanks, always.


And meet me there, bundles of flowers,
We wait through the hours of cold
Winter shall howl at the walls,
Tearing down doors of time.

Shelter as we go…

And promise me this:
You’ll wait for me only,
Scared of the lonely arms.

Surface, far below these words

And maybe, just maybe I’ll come home

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