everyday is like sunday. vol 13.

April 17, 2013

everyday is like sunday

The days are flying by, Spring is here and life can’t seem to stand still. March came and went, and these posts are appearing less often than I’d like, but c’est la vie. My wedding season begins in a few weeks so I am bracing myself for the busiest year (business wise and just life in general) of my life. Wedding planning has somewhat been hectic but I’m attempting to keep my stress levels at a low. The air is becoming warmer and it makes me so eager for Summer. It has been a long winter. Here are a few of my instagrams from the month of March. It’s been quite the busy (and exciting) month, which I will be posting about very soon. I had the pleasure to attend WPPI in Vegas, which as a dream. I can’t wait to attend next year. But for now-

Hope all of you have welcomed spring with open arms and open windows.


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