everyday is like sunday. vol 10.

January 19, 2013

everyday is like sunday

Happiest of New Years friends! 2013 holds a lot of promising & new adventures, one being – getting married! Yes, this wedding photographer is getting hitched. Eeeeeeeep! Being in this industry for almost 5 years now I have always thought when it came my time to be a bride, I would know what to do. Well, I didn’t. And I freaked out when Shawn proposed. And it was just the two us, in a service-less, remote area in the woods and it couldn’t have been more perfect.
On a snowy Sunday up in the white mountains in New Hampshire, a boy I have known and loved for 10 years got down on one knee in our tiny log cabin. Bon Iver was our soundtrack that night, and I cried tears of utter happiness over some champagne by the fire. We spent an icy 3 days up in the mountains, exploring barns, building fires, eating bison & finding local breweries to warm our bones (and drink tasty NH beer, naturally). We talked about all of our travels and how much we have grown together over the last decade. I’m ready to take that leap with him and I couldn’t be more excited.
Here are some frames from our trip.

Hope you all have high hopes and big things happening this new year.

Cheers. (!!!)

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