colleen + todd.

November 29, 2012


When I first met Colleen, our meeting lasted hours in a cozy corner of a restaurant by a tiny candle. It was also over glasses of wine with her sister and mother, where we all hit it off instantly. I left feeling I had just met up with friends whom I have known for 10 years. And that was how her wedding day went. They were married in Red Bank, following by their reception at a turn of the century historic club house on the top of a hill in Atlantic Highlands, overlooking the big and beautiful Atlantic Ocean. The house was a dream. I loved the tables set up on the porch, with white string lights dangling from the ceiling. The weather was just perfect end-of-September weather with seasonal pumpkin beers on deck. Todd’s heart was so full, his eyes smiled at the site of his new beautiful bride. Simply put, I loved this couple!

Atlantic Highlands, NJ. September 2012.

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