castella lumen.

April 21, 2015


Born 3/3/15
7 lbs 13 oz
20 inches

And my heart burst out of my chest. And into hers.
My heart is now hers.

Those first few days at the hospital were something I can’t begin to describe. I was in awe of my daughter. Every breath she took I sighed with utter happiness. I stared and stared at her little face. I was just in disbelief that this person came out of me, and was now in my arms. Her sighs and slight noises made me shake my head, unable to comprehend how she was ours. Perfect in every way. I wanted to inhale her, kiss her head and cheeks, hold her tiny hand in mine. How lucky were we? Who knew this was how I would feel. No one can put those first moments into words. No one can tell you what emotions you’ll feel.

Our little lady. Her father and I are just melting over this love.

As for her name, we named her after a tiny, quiet fishing town in Sicily where my fathers family is from. Castellammare del Golfo holds a very special place in my heart, and I have spent 3 major birthdays there through out my life. I can’t wait to spend a monumental birthday there with her too. As for Lumen, well, it’s a measurement of light, which to a photographer, means everything.

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