amy + justin. e-session.

December 13, 2012


I was smitten with this couple as much as New York City in the fall steals my heart. Their engagement session was just a reflection of their perfect Saturday, their usual routine in their hood starting with a cup of coffee at their favorite coffee shop, even with stops to their local breakfast diner and ending on a rooftop garden with a gorgeous view of the west village. I truly appreciated their genuine excitement and how easily the day flowed. I felt as if I were just in the background, witnessing them in their own element, dropping in on their blissful date. Once our session was over, we shared a glass of wine and discussed our love for travel and food and blogging (the important stuff). If I were all of you, I would check out Amy’s wonderful blog here.
So many thanks to the both of you and I wish you an amazing wedding day in Napa Valley!

West Village, NYC. November 2012.

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