aja + nick.

January 17, 2013


Playing catch up!

Here is a lovely wedding down at the tip of New Jersey, at one of my favorite places in Cape May, Congress Hall. I loved the little details such as the baby succulents on the tables, Aja’s antique earrings, and the maracas shaken after their first kiss. Aja and Nick were married on the grounds, with their blue eyed cutie pie daughter at their heels and the mist coming off of the ocean in everyone’s lungs. The day started grey, but the sun came shining through as soon as the ceremony was over. With her father playing the bongos in the band during cocktail hour, to the bride and groom dancing on tables at the end of the night, this was quite the fun & lively affair. Thanks to you both for being incredibly passionate and never hesitating to dance.

October 2012. Cape May, NJ.

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